Albania and the Circular Economy

Albania, like many other countries worldwide, is beginning to recognize the importance of transitioning to a circular economy to promote sustainable development, reduce environmental impact, and stimulate economic growth. Although the journey towards a circular economy is still in its early stages compared to some European counterparts, several key initiatives and developments indicate a growing awareness and interest in this field:

  • Legal framework and policies: The Albanian government has started integrating the principles of the circular economy into its environmental and economic policies. This includes efforts to align with EU directives and standards, particularly in waste management, recycling, and sustainable production.
  • Waste management and recycling: Waste management poses a significant challenge for Albania, but it also presents a significant opportunity for circular economy initiatives. Efforts to improve waste collection, sorting, and recycling processes are crucial. There are ongoing projects focused on increasing recycling standards and reducing the use of landfills, although these are still in the development phase.
  • Sustainable tourism: The tourism sector in Albania, a vital part of the economy, is increasingly adopting sustainable practices. Eco-tourism projects and the development of sustainable destinations emphasize the preservation of natural resources, waste reduction, and community engagement, aligning with the principles of the circular economy.
  • Agriculture and Food systems: The agricultural sector in Albania is exploring circular approaches, such as organic farming, composting, and efficient water and resource use. These practices not only reduce environmental impact but also enhance the value of agricultural products and improve food security.
  • Energy efficiency and Renewable energy: There is a growing focus on improving energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy sources in Albania. Projects related to solar energy, hydropower, and energy efficiency in buildings are examples of this direction.


Circular economy


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