Circular Economy

Reduce your carbon footprint

It's time for a circular economy!

Through design, we can eliminate waste and pollution, recycle products and materials, and regenerate nature, creating an economy that benefits people, business, and the natural world.​​


What is the Circular Economy?

In essence, the circular economy is an economic model designed to address the challenges of increasing resource scarcity, driven by narrowing product lifespans and escalating demand. In general, circular economies work by slowing, closing and narrowing our flows of material and resource costs, reducing material leakages in our supply chains to ultimately promote economic and circular resilience for businesses and societies across the globe.

Key ideas

Key ideas for a successful circular economy, including adopting sustainable business models, using technologies to create closed processes and prioritizing regenerative design.


Circular Economy is based on three principles, driven by design: Eliminate waste and pollution, Circulate products and materials (at their highest value), and Regenerate nature.

7 Pillars Of Circular Economy

Transitioning to a virtuous society requires a holistic approach that addresses environmental, economic, and social concerns. The circular economy offers a sustainable model built on seven fundamental pillars, encompassing the entire life cycle of products and services.

Why should we move towards a circular economy?

Reusing and recycling products would slow down the use of natural resources, reduce the destruction of landscapes and habitats, and help limit the loss of biodiversity. Another benefit of the circular economy is the reduction of total annual greenhouse gas emissions....

Butterfly diagram

The circular economy system diagram, known as the butterfly diagram, illustrates the continuous flow of materials in a circular economy. There are two main cycles – the technical cycle and the biological cycle.

Facts about the circular economy

Read some facts about the circular economy...

Albania and Circular Economy

Albania, like many other countries in the world, is starting to recognize the importance of moving to a circular economy as a way to promote sustainable development, reduce environmental impact and boost economic growth.

Opportunities and Strategies of the Circular Economy

Circular Economy presents significant growth opportunities, demonstrating that natural capital can be the foundation for a sustainable future.