Analysis of legislation and initiatives on the circular economy in Albania

The study provides an overview of Albanian legislation related to the Circular Economy and the initiatives undertaken to increase awareness of the Circular Economy. The methodology used consists of desk research and interviews with relevant actors (central and local government, academia, private sector and schools).

Circular Economy enters the School

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Business guide towards the circular economy

Assessing business opportunities towards the circular economy model. Circular Economy Toolkit- University of Cambridge. Adapted from Center for Competitiveness

A pedagogical model to include circular economy competencies in education

The transition to a circular economy is one of the biggest challenges if we are to create a sustainable society. This transition requires an interdisciplinary approach, combining social, technical, managerial and environmental considerations. The concept of the Circular Economy is a response to the aspiration for sustainable growth in the context of increasing pressure on production and consumption on a planet with finite natural resources.

Study report on Awareness and
Sensitivity to the Circular Economy in Communities and Businesses

The circular economy has become a hot topic among European policy makers. It is a concept related to sustainability, innovation and resource efficiency. Embracing the concept of circular economy is one way to work towards green economic growth. In fact, the circular economy includes a mix of policies: environmental, economic and social policies.
The EU’s efforts towards a sustainable, low-carbon and resource-efficient economy are included in the EU’s Circular Economy Package, adopted in 2015…